Here at the Insulation Man, we take pride in getting the job done correctly, and producing real results. But what exactly is it that we put all of this discipline, expertise, and knowledge to work doing? Read about real-world examples of how our insulation, heating and cooling, and energy audit services have helped our clients save money and energy.

Our case studies showcase a range of projects we have worked on, and how our customers have benefitted. We've helped homeowners improve the comfort of their living spaces and lower their energy bills, and we've helped businesses reduce their operating costs and improve their environmental footprint.

Whether finishing a custom cabinet or pointing out how an uninsulated water pipe is contributing to an ice dam, I firmly believe that details matter, and make the difference between a run of the...

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One of the biggest takeaways homeowners get from a thorough home energy audit is the sense that they missed the chance to get it right the first time. In order to make right the gaps in insulation...

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Many homeowners having home energy audits are surprised to see that the exterior corners of rooms are much cooler than the rest of the walls. This is partially accounted for by the fact that wood...

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I wanted to take a moment to compliment your company for the insulation installation done today at our home in Greene. From the first impression of Joey and Sean we were glad to have The Insulation Man do our work. I can't express enough the level of care taken by Joey as the lead sprayer.

Greg L., Greene, NY