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At the heart of a healthy, comfortable, and efficient home is a well tuned heating and cooling system. Here at Insulation Man, we do everything we can to reduce energy costs through energy assessments, insulation upgrades, and professional air sealing. But as whole-home experts, we also partner with some of the most reputable HVAC contractors in the Southern Tier to integrate home heating and cooling into your home upgrade project. Our HVAC partners adhere to Insulation Man’s high standards and company philosophy. 

During your home energy assessment, our auditors document HVAC issues or concerns that are observed during their inspections. This information is then relayed to the HVAC contractor to schedule an appointment or estimate.

Furnace Repair and Replacement

Technician conducting furnace maintenance

The importance of a well-functioning heating system cannot be overstated, especially during Binghamton’s cold months when warmth is not just about comfort but also health and safety. Professional heating repair and replacement services play a pivotal role in ensuring your home remains a cozy haven against the chill. When your heating replacement is combined with insulation and air sealing upgrades that reduce heat loss in the winter, you can expect to save on your heating costs for the lifetime of your heating system and then some!

Blower Door Testing

Close-up of Blower Door Fan

Why do you need a blower door test?

It’s probably the most valuable tool in our industry. The advantages of blower door testing are pretty cut and dry.  There is no mystery, but the benefits can be critical. Using the results can help prioritize which upgrades someone chooses to make on their home/building. The first advantage while assessing a structure while using the blower door is to determine how “tight” the place is. When we know where the air is coming from and the volume of air, we can design the work scope/upgrades that will make the most sense coupled with the most benefit.

  • Increase building efficiency, resulting in less fuel usage
  • Save money on utility bills
  • Promote better indoor air quality and overall home comfort
  • Reduce impact on the environment.
  • Increase home’s value 

New construction mandates the blower door test for code compliance.  The blower door test acts as quality assurance. If a new home passes the blower door test, your contractor knew what they were doing, planned accordingly, and did not cut critical corners in insulation but most importantly air sealing.

How do you know you are ready for a blower door test?

A new home has to be near complete for the blower door test.  We could perform the test during stages in construction, but nobody wants to pay for it more than once.

We also offer blower door testing as a standalone service to help homeowners and contractors: 

Schedule a blower door test with Insulation Man today. Call Insulation Man for whole home comfort solutions.

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