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November 22, 2021

A drafty home can be uncomfortable at any time of year, but especially so during the cold winter months. Many New York homeowners think their windows are to blame for cold drafts in the winter, but windows aren’t usually the problem. Instead, you need to look at your insulation and air sealing

Poorly Insulated Homes Suck Cold Air In! 

If your home is not properly insulated and air sealed, there are almost definitely small gaps and cracks in its construction. These openings are called air leaks. They’re commonly found around basement rim joists, plumbing vents, wiring holes, and in many other locations. Air leaks allow air to move into and out of your home without regulation. This means that warm air from your furnace can easily find its way out while cold air leaks in. 

When you turn your heating system on and it starts to warm the air in your home, that hot air will rise up as far as it can go. If your attic is not insulated and air sealed, it will rise all the way up into your attic and out through your roof.

Because of a phenomenon called the stack effect, which is caused by changes in pressure, an equal amount of cooler air will be sucked in through air leaks in your basement or crawl space. The stack effect can cause: 

  • Drafts 

  • Cold floors 

  • Inconsistent indoor temperatures 

  • High energy bills 

Insulating & Air Sealing Work Together to Stop Drafts 

To stop the cold drafts coming into your home, you need to close up air leaks. Spray foam insulation is the most common material used to seal air leaks and it is highly effective. But in order to plug up the air leaks in your home, you need to find out where they are! 

The Insulation Man can help with a home energy audit. Our certified energy auditors use diagnostic tools like blower doors and infrared imaging to locate air leaks so that we can close them up. 

Once your home has been air sealed, it needs to be insulated. You likely have some insulation already, but it may not be enough, or it may have been compromised by age, water, mold, or poor installation. During your home energy assessment, The Insulation Man team will evaluate your insulation and let you know if it needs to be supplemented or replaced. To stop the stack effect and prevent cold drafts, your attic and foundation are the most important places to install insulation. 

Keep Your Home Warm & Draft-Free All Winter Long 

The Insulation Man has been serving homeowners in the Binghamton area since 1989 and is the insulation contractor New Yorkers trust. We’re here to help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with our insulation and air sealing services. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you get rid of cold drafts and make your home more comfortable all year long! 

Get rid of cold drafts in your home! Call 607.775.3035 or contact us to learn more about insulation and air sealing services.

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