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When your home is uncomfortable due to poor insulation and air sealing, you’re bound to feel it. The cold creeps in, drafts blow right through your house, and before you know it, you’re wearing a winter coat inside. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to see missing insulation and air leaks as it is to feel them. That’s where thermal imaging and infrared diagnostics come in. With an infrared scanner, we can locate air leaks and see gaps in your insulation that are invisible to the naked eye. This insight allows us to make targeted insulation and weatherization upgrades without wasting time or money. 

The Insulation Man conducts thermal imaging for heat loss in homes and buildings throughout the Binghamton, New York area. Thermal imaging is an integral component of our energy audits, and we also offer thermal imaging as a standalone service for homes and commercial buildings. 

How Does Thermal Imaging Work? 

All objects emit infrared energy, which is referred to as a heat signature. Infrared cameras can detect and measure the heat signatures of different objects. The camera turns the infrared data into an image that shows the surface temperatures of the objects being scanned. 

When we use thermal imaging to detect heat loss, we scan your walls with the infrared camera. The resulting images will show us where surface temperatures are lower than the surrounding areas, indicating an air leak or a lack of insulation. Infrared cameras can yield some interesting surprises, such as where an uninsulated hot water pipe or unsealed recessed lights may be contributing to an ice dam. 

In the images below, you can see the difference between a regular photo and what the thermal scanner reveals. Notice the two dark purple spots. These indicate that the surface temperature is much lower in these areas than it is on the rest of the ceiling, which means heat loss is happening. Thanks to this image, we know where we need to seal air leaks and add more insulation.

Thermal Imaging Is Part of a Good Home Energy Audit 

Heat loss thermal imaging is a valuable part of a home energy audit, and a step that The Insulation Man guarantees to take with thoroughness and precision. It can also be a fun step in the process for homeowners. We encourage you to walk through your house with our energy auditor during your inspection so you can see what the camera sees and ask questions while we’re scanning your home. For many of our customers, thermal imaging is the most eye-opening component of the entire energy audit. 

Residential and Commercial Thermal Imaging Services in Binghamton 

The Insulation Man offers thermal imaging for home heat loss and for commercial buildings in the Binghamton, NY area. We are a certified woman-owned small business that’s been serving local homeowners and businesses since 1989. We provide science-based diagnostic testing, including thermal imaging and blower door testing, that helps homeowners and businesses stop heat loss and save money on their energy bills. Our work helps create healthier, more comfortable homes and buildings that are better for occupants and better for the environment. 

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wanted to write you promptly. Your employees were diligent, and appeared to do a very thorough job packing more insulation into our attic spaces. Very clean as well. Can't thank you enough for taking care of this small issue, though it is important to us.

J.M. Greene