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April 1, 2022

Are you dealing with high energy bills, poor indoor air quality, or an uncomfortable home? It may be time to schedule a home energy audit with The Insulation Man.

An energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency. It includes a blower door test to look for air leakage, infrared diagnostics to locate gaps in your insulation, and more. By testing for inefficiencies you can figure out where problems in your home are stemming from and make impactful improvements that improve comfort and save you money. 

If you’ve noticed any of the following signs you need a home energy audit, give The Insulation Man a call! 

Your Energy Bills Are Rising and You Don’t Know Why 

Are your energy costs rising even though your heating and cooling habits have remained the same? Your home might be leaking energy—and money! When you don’t have proper insulation and air sealing, heat and air can easily move into and out of your home. 

In the winter, this means heat from your home is seeping out while cold air comes in. During the summer months, the opposite is true, with outside heat coming in while cool, conditioned air leaks out. Your HVAC equipment has to run more frequently to keep up, and as a result, your bills go up. An energy audit will show you where this energy loss is happening so that you can stop energy waste and save money. 

You Have One Room That’s Always Too Hot or Too Cold 

Temperature inconsistencies are a major sign of an air leakage or insulation problem. Is the second floor of your home always much warmer than the first floor? Or, is there one room in your house that’s always way too hot or way too cold? An energy audit will show you why this is happening so you can create even comfort throughout your entire home. 

Your Allergies Are Worse Inside 

Do you wake up with a sore throat or a cough every morning? Do you have allergies that always seem to worsen when you’re at home? This can be a sign of air leakage in your home. 

When air leaks into your home from the outside, it can bring pollen and other allergens with it. This can lead to poor indoor air quality and make you feel sick. With an energy audit, we can locate air leaks so they can be strategically sealed. 

There’s Condensation on Your Windows or in Your Attic 

A lack of sufficient insulation and air sealing can lead to moisture issues in your home. If left unaddressed, moisture can cause mold growth, which can damage your home and cause serious health issues for your family. If you’ve noticed moisture or high humidity in your home, an energy audit is a good first step towards solving the problem. 

We Can Solve Your Energy Efficiency Problems & Save You Money 

The Insulation Man is the trusted energy auditor in the Binghampton, New York area. With a home energy audit, we can figure out how and where your home is losing energy and pinpoint possible causes of indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.  Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make impactful improvements to your home’s health, comfort, and energy efficiency without wasting money on unnecessary upgrades. 

Stop wasting energy and start saving money. Call 607.775.3035 or contact us to schedule an energy audit!

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Your Crew was very friendly and helpful. This winter our NYSEG Gas usage is so low, it barely registers on the bar graph on our bill! Thanks Pat, Susan and Crew!

Scott B.