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May 25, 2023

Does the summer routine of dealing with constant upstairs heat, overworked window AC units, non-stop ceiling fans, and escalating utility bills have you dreading the peak of the cooling season? This is a common summer experience for many households in Central New York. However, with thoughtful insulation improvements from The Insulation Man, this could turn into a different story.

The insulation enhancements we're talking about cover not just your attic, but also your walls and crawl space or basement. These areas significantly contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, particularly during the intense summer heat. In this article, we'll explore how insulating and air sealing your attic, walls, and crawl space can equip your home for optimal comfort and energy savings for the forthcoming summer, and even into the winter.

The Problem: Excessive Heat & Increasing Energy Bills

As temperatures rise again after the spring in Central New York, many homes grapple with a similar issue — unbearable heat on the upper floors and wallet-pinching air conditioning costs. To combat this, homeowners often resort to cooling techniques like ceiling fans, window units, and open windows. Unfortunately, these techniques only offer temporary cooling relief to small areas of the home, while still increasing energy use.

The Solution: Insulating & Air Sealing the Attic, Walls, and Crawl Space

The key to addressing the problem of a hot second floor during the summer, or any home that deals with inconsistent temperatures in general, lies in insulating and air sealing the attic, walls, and crawl space. We will use a simplified building science approach to further explain how this works:

In summer, the sun heats up your roof, causing heat to move through your roofing material. If your attic, walls, and crawl space are under-insulated and have air leaks, this heat can end up infiltrating your living spaces, making the upper floors uncomfortably hot.

By installing the right insulation materials in the right places, and air sealing any gaps or holes that allow air through, you can prevent this cycle of attic heat from permeating your home, and reduce the need to run your air conditioning equipment.

The Outcome: Enhanced Comfort & Energy Efficiency

We've seen firsthand the positive impact that attic, wall, and crawl space insulation can have on homes here in Central New York. But perhaps more importantly, our clients have told us time and again how they have felt the positive effects of insulation in their homes! We hear of numerous summer benefits after having our team upgrade their insulation, including:

  • Significantly cooler upper floors and consistent temperatures
  • Improved overall comfort
  • Reduced need for air conditioning
  • Savings on cooling costs
  • Fewer AC system issues

These benefits extend into winter as well, with our clients experiencing a warmer home as the enhanced insulation effectively retains indoor heat.

Improve Efficiency Before Summer Arrives

If you're interested in prepping your home for the upcoming summer, connect with The Insulation Man. As insulation and home comfort specialists, we can help you evaluate your attic, walls, and crawl space, and pinpoint areas needing insulation improvements through a comprehensive diagnostic process called an energy audit.

Our energy audit utilizes advanced tools such as infrared cameras and blower doors to identify areas of energy waste and recommend cost-effective improvements for maximum comfort, reduced energy bills, and improved indoor air quality. Our whole-house audit surpasses standard "clipboard audits" by examining the building envelope (including windows, doors, insulation, and air leakage), combustion equipment, and indoor air movement to ensure a healthy, safe environment.

Are you looking to guard your home against high summer cooling costs? Schedule an energy audit with The Insulation Man today! Call 607.775.3035 or contact us online.

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