A Comfortable Fall Home Starts Now: Upgrade Your Insulation!

As fall approaches, we get to embrace the much-needed relief from the heat and humidity here in Binghamton, and the longer sleeves and changing leaves both start to make an appearance. But with the sub-freezing temperatures just around the corner, it’s time to consider what fall means for your energy bills and indoor comfort.

In our many years of helping homes with professional insulation services in Binghamton, the fall emerges as the prime time to get your home winter-ready, ensuring a cozy and energy-efficient space as the temperatures drop. This starts with improving insulation, assessing the air seal of your home, and even ensuring your HVAC system is operating as it should.

Timing is Everything: Fall Insulation Upgrades

Scheduling insulation upgrades during the fall, one of the more temperate “in-between” seasons, is highly advantageous. This timing avoids the scheduling delays, and the extreme temperatures that make installation more difficult. Plus, you get to enjoy a winter full of comfort and energy savings!

The Importance of Efficient Insulation and Air Sealing

Insulating and air sealing a home are crucial in minimizing energy waste by restricting the flow of heat and air between the interior and exterior. When installed in strategic areas of your home, insulation will barricade your living spaces against the chilly winter air while retaining the conditioned air from your heating system. This results in the following benefits:

  • Enhanced indoor comfort
  • Reduced indoor drafts
  • Lower energy bills
  • Diminished risk of ice dams

Ice dams can be a significant concern for homeowners in the Binghamton climate. Ice dams are formed when heat escapes from your attic, and melts the snow just above your shingles. This snowmelt drains and refreezes on other parts of the roof, creating a dam that can lead to extensive moisture damage in your home. By improving insulation in the attic, the threat of ice dams can be nearly eliminated.

Beyond Winter: Year-Round Benefits of Insulation

Just as insulation prevents heat from escaping in the winter, it can prevent heat from infiltrating in the summer. All year long, insulation will reduce the need to run your heating and cooling systems, so your home temperatures remain stable and consistent.

Increased Comfort and Air Quality

Installing insulation and professional air sealing before the end of fall not only increases comfort throughout your home but also improves the health of the air you breathe inside of it. With an airtight seal and less heat moving in and out, there will be fewer contaminants accumulating in your home’s air.

HVAC Check-In

If you are making changes to the insulation and airtight envelope of your home, it is also a good idea to make sure your HVAC system is prepared. In some older homes, larger heating and cooling systems have been installed to make up for the lack of efficiency and poorly performing insulation. Our HVAC partners can ensure your furnace, AC, or heat pump are properly sized for the heating and cooling load of your home, and that they are running efficiently and according to plan.

Your Local Experts in Home Performance Upgrades

For Binghamton homeowners looking to stay comfortable this winter without the high energy costs, now is the time to act. Start your home improvement journey by scheduling a home energy assessment for a comprehensive analysis of your home’s insulation needs. Insulation Man can also help you qualify for the many available rebates and incentives for insulation upgrades! Whether you are preparing for a frosty winter or a scorching summer, insulation upgrades are a smart investment for those looking to enhance their living experience and make every season enjoyable.

Keep comfortable through the winter, when you schedule your insulation upgrades this fall. Call Insulation Man to get started, at 607-775-3035.

Was your home chilly and drafty last winter? Upgrade your insulation!

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