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Each year, many homeowners waste a great deal of money in energy costs due to their home being inefficient. In New York State, there are several programs under New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) that promote energy efficiency. These programs are tiered, and are based on income-eligibility. No matter what your household income is, there is a program that can provide assistance to help your home become more reliable and affordable to operate.

Most NY State homeowners qualify for a no-cost energy assement, also referred to as an energy audit. The Insulation Man's highly trained auditors and consultants have over 100 years experience in the home performance field, and take great pride in providing homeowners detailed information about their homes. The two main programs are described below, but, for more detailed information regarding eligibility, please visit the NYSERDA website to review the detailed program descriptions and associated income guidelines.

Empower New York

Empower New York provides no-cost energy efficiency solutions to residents whose income is less than 6o% of the gross median state income. Some of the no-cost energy upgrades that are supported by the Empower program include: air-sealing, insulation, energy-efficient lighting, and health & safety checks of the house system. Empower customers can receive up tp $7,000 worth of no-cost upgrades if they are a current electric or natural gas customer of NYSEG, or heat by oil or propane. Click on the following link to read more about the Empower New York program.

Assisted Home Performance

The Assisted Home Performance (AHP) program provides a discount covering 50% of the cost of eligible energy efficiency measures up to $4,000 per project for single-family homes. Two-to-four unit residential homes are eligible for up to $10,000 discount if the resident's income meet the eligibility requirements. Once again, it all starts with a home energy audit, and no one performs these as well as The Insulation Man, LLC. AHP customers can utilize special financing options that are described below. Click on the following link to read more about the AHP Program.

AHP Financing Options:

Smart Energy Loan

The Smart Energy Loan (SEL) has a rate of 3.99% but can be reduced to 3.49% if the borrower opts for automatic payments (ACH). The available terms for SEL are the same as OBR, i.e. 5, 10 and 15 years.

On-Bill Recovery Loan

The On-Bill Recovery loan (OBR) is exactly what it sounds like, i.e. your loan payments are associated with, and located on, your utility bills. OBR includes a low 3.49% fixed rate and can be spread out over 5, 10 and 15 years terms. Due to the OBR program having its own restrictions on which measures can be approved, it could have an affect on the available funding, and therefore, an impact on which improvements can be installed.

To apply online, please visit the NYSERDA Website.

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I wanted to take a moment to compliment your company for the insulation installation done today at our home in Greene. From the first impression of Joey and Sean we were glad to have The Insulation Man do our work. I can't express enough the level of care taken by Joey as the lead sprayer.

Greg L., Greene, NY