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Icicles hanging outside window of cozy home in winter

Icicles may look pretty hanging along your eaves, but they are a sign of a serious problem. The same conditions that allow icicles to form also cause ice dams. Ice dams are thick ridges of ice that form along the edges of your roof and stop melting snow from draining away from your home. They can cause all kinds of problems, including water damage.

Ice dams are a common problem for homeowners and businesses in the Binghamton, New York, area. If you're worried about ice dams, keep reading to find out how you can get rid of ice dams and stop them from coming back.

What Causes

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Comfortable homeowners looking out window in the winter

Does it feel like the cold air blows right through your walls during the winter? If your house isn’t air sealed, it does! If you’re looking for a permanent solution to cold winter drafts, air sealing is the answer. Other fixes, like under-the-door draft stoppers, can be a helpful, temporary solution, but they won’t fully solve the problem. 

Keep reading to learn more about air sealing and how it gets rid of cold drafts for good. 

Air Leaks Cause Indoor Drafts 

Before we get into how you fix

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Happy family on New Year's Eve

Improving your Binghamton, New York home's comfort is the best resolution you can make this year. A more comfortable home will benefit your entire family all year round by keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, many home comfort upgrades also improve energy efficiency, which can save money on your energy bills.

The Insulation Man is here to help you make your home as comfortable as it can possibly be. Today, we're sharing the top three services we recommend if you want to solve issues like poor indoor comfort, cold drafts, cold floors, high humidity, and

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Happy family at a holiday meal

When the holiday season rolls around, there's nothing more important than having a warm, comfortable home that's well-protected against the cold and snow outside.

If your house was cold and drafty last winter, it could be due to poor insulation and air sealing. Homes that aren't sealed and insulated properly let the cold right in. If you don't want to host Jack Frost at the holiday table again this winter, keep reading to find out how insulation and air sealing can help!

How Do Insulation and Air

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Energy audit of new home

Installing new insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve your home's energy efficiency, comfort, and health. But installing insulation isn't as simple as buying a few fiberglass batts from your local hardware store and laying them out in your attic. To see real benefits from a home insulation upgrade, you need to know where your current insulation is lacking and whether other issues, like air leaks, are contributing to your comfort and efficiency issues.

A home energy audit will evaluate your home for missing insulation, air

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Family Tossing Autumn Leaves In The Air

Days are getting cooler and fall is on it’s way! That means now is the perfect time to ensure your family is comfortable this winter with an insulation upgrade. Planning ahead can help you prepare your home for cold winter temperatures so your family stays comfortable and help you save on expensive heating costs. 

The pros at The Insulation Man can install the right insulation and air sealing for anywhere in your home. 

Does Your Home Need New Insulation and Air Sealing?

It’s not always easy to tell whether you need an

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Child and dog looking out window

Every homeowner knows how serious moisture intrusion can be. Moisture in your home can damage building materials, raise indoor humidity levels, encourage mold growth, and lead to poor indoor air quality.

There are many steps you can take to protect your home against moisture intrusion, and you're probably familiar with common solutions like sump pumps and vapor barriers. One of the most effective ways to control moisture in your home, however, is a lesser-known measure called air sealing.

What Is Air Sealing?

Air sealing is the

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Comfortable Homeowner During Summer

Are your cooling costs out of control this summer? What feels like an endless heat wave has sent many of us here in New York running for our air conditioners, and left us with high summer AC bills.

If you want to get your cooling costs under control without having to sacrifice comfort, you need to upgrade your home's insulation and air sealing. Insulation and air sealing help your home block heat out and hold AC in so you can run your cooling system less frequently and still keep your house comfortable.

Keep reading to learn more about summer insulation benefits and how new

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Comfortable Homeowner During Summer

Are you worried about high summer energy bills? Do you wish there was a way to keep your house cool without spending a fortune on air conditioning? Insulation and air sealing are the solution you’ve been searching for. Properly insulated and air-sealed houses don’t leak energy the way unsealed and underinsulated homes do, leading to greater comfort and lower cooling costs. 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of insulation in the summer and why you should be thinking about your home’s energy efficiency all year round. 

Insulate Your

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young child girl holding a tissue while sneezing inside

Spring brings warm weather and sunshine, but it also brings allergies! If you’re prone to spring allergies, you know how sick pollen can make you feel when you’re spending time outside. But did you know that outdoor allergens can make you sick inside, too?

If you have hay fever that doesn’t improve or even gets worse when you’re at home, pollen is likely getting into your house from the outside. Keep reading to learn why this happens and how you can stop it to improve your indoor air quality and relieve seasonal allergies indoors with help from The Insulation Man. 

What Causes

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