Prevent Ice Dams With Upgraded Air Sealing & Insulation

Ice dams are a problem that plagues many Binghamton, New York homes in the winter. They seem to come out of nowhere and before you know it, you have a pile of ice on your roof and water leaking into your attic. 

If you’re worried about ice dams forming on your roof or are looking for a way to prevent ice dams in your gutters, Insulation Man can help. We insulate attics to prevent ice dams and protect your home. With decades of experience and a team of highly skilled installation technicians, we are the insulation company Binghamton, NY homeowners trust most. 

Ice Dams Form When Too Much Heat Escapes Your Attic 

Roof ice dam prevention starts with attic insulation. This is because ice dams form when heat escapes your attic and warms your roof, melting the snow that’s on top of it. The snowmelt flows down your roof towards the eaves and gutters, where it’s colder, and refreezes. 

This happens every time it snows and eventually, the ice forms a dam that stops water from draining away from your home. With nowhere else to go, melted water will collect on your roof and start to seep back into your attic, which can cause serious water damage to your home. 

Attic Insulation Is the Best Ice Dam Prevention Product 

Heated gutters and similar products claim to prevent ice dams, but the most effective solution is better insulation and air sealing in your attic. 

Attic insulation slows down heat transfer, so the heat from your furnace or heat pump stays inside your home instead of flying out through your attic. As a result, your roof stays cold and snow doesn’t melt unevenly, preventing ice dams on the roof. 

In order for your attic insulation to work properly, you need to air seal as well. Air sealing is usually done with spray foam insulation. Spray foam is an insulating material that also acts as an air and moisture barrier. Sealing your attic will stop air and water from disturbing your insulation, helping it perform more effectively. 

Protect Your Home With New Attic Insulation This Winter 

Attic insulation helps with more than just ice dams. When you upgrade your attic insulation and air sealing, you’ll see benefits like: 

  • No more ice dams 

  • Lower energy costs 

  • Better home comfort 

  • Fewer cold drafts 

  • Improved indoor air quality 

Insulation Man can help you enjoy all of these benefits in your Binghamton, NY home. We are committed to helping our customers save energy, save money, and make their homes as comfortable as possible with our insulation installation and air sealing services. Not sure if you’re home needs new insulation? A home energy assessment is a great way to find out! 

Prevent ice dams and protect your home this winter! Call 607-775-3035 or contact us to schedule attic insulation installation.

Protect your home from ice dams!

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