I want to Thank You for all that you had done to get my home insulated! I LOVE IT!!! I can truly appreciate the whole house as a system, and how sealing the envelope really works! The results are HUGE!
The temperature on the first floor stays the same for HOURS without the heat coming on. I think the heat comes on once every 4-6 hrs! I can tell it is on for shorter periods too, it does not take much to get the house up to temperature. ( I think the attic is next some day, it is now the least insulated part of the house)
Please tell Tara that she did a wonderful job on the cellulose, and Joey that the foam is beyond my expectations! Thank you, Steve, for believing we could get it done, and making it happen! I appreciate your whole crew’s professionalism and how they take pride in their work. I respect the care that you all took on my beloved home. I will definitely speak highly about you and your company.
You guys are the BEST!
Thank you so much!
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Erika W.