The Home Energy Score (HES) is similar to a miles-per-gallon (MPG) rating for a vehicle. The HES is generated after a brief home inspection from a Department of Energy (DOE) qualified specialist, called a Home Energy Score Assessor. The HES comes in a report that summarizes the home energy performance on a simple 10-point scale, where a “10” is the most efficient rating. The report also provides projected savings and how to increase your score if certain home-improvement measures are installed.

Features of a Home Energy Score

  • The process is simple, convenient, non-invasive and takes about one-hour to complete
  • You get a six-page report about your home's energy efficiency performance with recommendations
  • United States Department of Energy standardized score is recognized nationally

Advantages of a Home Energy Score

  • You will differentiate your home from your neighbors
  • You will increase the marketability and potentially the value of your home
  • You will save on energy bills and enjoy greater comfort if you proceed with the report's recommendations
  • Your improvements in energy efficiency are made real by making them measurable
  • If you are preparing to buy or refinance, you may be able to buy more home
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint by following a simple plan of action

Benefits of a Home Energy Score

  • Take better control of your home environment and enjoy peace of mind
  • Make a wish come true with the money you save year after year 
  • Make the world a little safer and better for all of us

Why Choose The Insulation Man?

  • Consistent with our philosophy of being a leader in new home energy technology and services, The Insulation Man was the first company in our area that had, not just one, but two Department of Energy-approved Home Energy Score Assessors
  • We have highly-trained home energy specialists and have delivered superior solutions for over 27 years

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wanted to write you promptly. Your employees were diligent, and appeared to do a very thorough job packing more insulation into our attic spaces. Very clean as well. Can't thank you enough for taking care of this small issue, though it is important to us.

J.M. Greene