The History of Energy Resources

We found this interesting article recently. It maps out the timeline of different resources that have been used throughout the years to provide heating in homes and other buildings. Each of the diagrams and maps are interactive, and will, in turn, link you to articles about each section. From wood to electricity, and everything in between, click here to learn more about how heat has been provided through different resources, as well as upcoming options that are "cleaner" for the environment! 

The Benefits of Insulation in the Summer Months

Normally, we think of home insulation as a way to keep our homes heat easier in the winter, and to lower utility bills. What about the summer, though? Proper home insulation will help keep your house cooler in the summer, and will help your air conditioning units to not work so hard in order to cool your house. We found this blog post written by GreenHomes America that explains all of the benefits of both home insulation and airsealing throughout the summer. Check it out here!

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Energy Usage

When it comes to energy usage, we often don't think of all the ways we can reduce what we use. There are some simple steps you can take to lower the amount of energy that your home uses. While we already know that turning off the lights, or keeping electronics off when they aren't in use are both easy ways to lower our home's usage, did you know that pre-rinsing dishes before loading the dishwasher, or that using hot water to wash clothes instead of cold water can lead to higher energy usage? This article explains some easy steps you can take to lower your home's energy today!

How Your Air Ducts Can Cost You More In Your Heating Bills

We often wonder about the different things in our homes that lose energy. When you lose energy, your heating bills tend to be higher than they should be. It is hard sometimes to nail down the places where your home can be costing you money, and while we frequently think about major mechanicals like a furnace, we rarely think about the duct work that routes that warm air through the home. The design and structure of the air ducts is so important when it comes to energy efficiency of the heating unit. This article does a really great job of explaining duct systems, how they can affect your heating bills, and what you can do to improve the effectiveness of your heating system.

Where To Insulate In Your House

Have you ever heard someone talking about the structural components of your house, and you had no idea where they were talking about? We found this great article that highlights areas in the home that could be insulated, along with the names, where they are, and a great picture diagram! If you want to know where your "knee" wall is, or your band joist, take a minute to check it out!


In November of 2015, Aaron and the crew insulated our basement.  The entire Insulation Man team was honest, dependable, and observant when dealing with my home and myself. When my cat ran away, Aaron was right next to me looking for him!

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