It's been a challenging time for all businesses, and while we're not out of the woods, we're looking ahead. We're eager to get back to work installing home upgrades safely, creating local jobs that help homeowners and the planet. That's why we're proud to be involved with the new Build For The Future initiative, sponsored by our partners at Sealed.

This effort is connecting homeowners in New York with affordable options for home comfort and efficiency upgrades. The goal is to create 3000 job hours for local contractors like us, installing projects that boost home comfort, and reduce energy waste. 

We all have the opportunity to create a brighter future coming out of this, and we're looking forward to making it happen with local green jobs right here in New York.

You can learn more about Build For The Future here

Plans with Sealed

Sealed offers 2 upgrade plans for customers: the Comfort Plan, and the Gas Conversion Plan. Each of these plans carries different benefits for customers looking to make energy efficiency upgrades in their home. The Comfort Plan helps to provide insulation and airsealing, as well as LED lighting and Smart Thermostats, making the home more energy efficient, and saving homeowners money on their utility expenses. The Gas Conversion Plan is for homeowners looking to replace their oil-run furnace and hot water heater for units that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the home. 

To see if your home qualifies for financing by Sealed, you can find their contact information here.


I realized the first winter that I spent in my new home in Vestal New York that the insulation was insufficient. The house never had a warm comfortable feeling. The bedrooms above the garage were especially cold and the floors freezing to bare feet.

Richard F., Vestal, NY