What is the Best Insulation System?

(Click here for a break down of the sections mentioned in this article)The “Best” Insulation System.

I hear this question a lot, “What is the best way to insulate my new house?”

Too often, I have competitors who only offer one system and truly believe their one system is The Best.

Too often, I have vendors try to convince me that their system is The Best.

Several times I have had clients tell me price is a big part of defining The Best.

I think the market is beginning to tell me The Best is the most ecologically friendly, as well as the best performing, most cost effective, durable, and safe system.

I believe The Best is a combination of Closed Cell Spray Foam and Cellulose. We have been spraying materials for quite some time now, and I have tested buildings we insulated with all foam and combinations of foam and cellulose enough to be certain that the customer who buys the combination approach is getting the highest performance I can deliver at the lowest cost.

We endorse the use of closed cell spray foam against the rim joist, band joist, along the soffit edge, and exposed wall cavities. Other applications consist of cathedral ceilings, floor/loft overhangs, and other areas where cellulose will not be supported adequately or function correctly. (Click here for a break down of the sections mentioned in this article)

In the case of a retrofit when the exterior walls of the home are insulated, we use a method called Dense Packing to insulate the entire exterior wall. Any attic floors/flats are insulated with loose fill cellulose. When applicable, we do air seal penetrations in the attic floor with foam or mastic as appropriate, and we do not use poly vapor diffusion retarders because they destroy the bond between the air sealing materials and the substrates.

On a 3500 sf house, this approach will save a homeowner approximately $ 3000 as compared to a job done all in foam. It will test out with a blower door at well below the minimum vent guidelines set by the Building Performance Institute. And, Infra Red indicates the interior sheetrock surfaces of the exterior and partition walls will be closer to the same using this approach than they are with all foam.

Customers are also looking for LEED points and ecologically friendly materials. Cellulose is all recycled news print. Foam is a petroleum product, but we are using agricultural based foam from Lapolla Industries. That's right, the same spray foam product used on the hit ABC Show Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

Costs less, performs just as well and is green to boot, Cool.