The Best Investment

M.T. Kelsey - Vestal, NY

My husband and I purchased our 1960's house in 2006.  We immediately noticed that it was very cold and drafty.  We were spending up to $200 a month on natural gas alone and our house wasn't even 67 degrees.  Our second floor rarely reached 65 in the winter no matter how high we turned up our gas heat.  You could literally feel the wind through the walls of our house. 

            In 2012, we called the Insulation Man after hearing about a NY State loan program to insulate and replace furnaces with higher efficiency ones.  Pat got right back to us and did a careful inspection.  He found no insulation in our walls and only 2 inches in our attic.  He walked us through the process to get the state loans, frequently keeping us updated. We were able to replace an ancient furnace on its last leg with a new, much higher efficiency one.  When it came time for the insulation work, his crew came out and worked really hard.  They did a very thorough job of spray foaming and cellulose insulating our attic and exterior walls.  They worked for almost 2 entire days.  Our house was left in clean condition and everything was explained to us throughout the process.

            Over the last year, between the new furnace and insulation, our natural gas usage has been cut by at least 55%.  Our house is warm and not drafty at all in the winter and much cooler in the summer.  Before the insulation and furnace, our NYSEG budget bill was $159 for a cold uncomfortable house.  Currently our budget bill is down to $119 and it continues to fall after every reassessment period. This was the best investment we could have made.  Our house is livable and our kids are warm at night while they sleep.  We are using far less energy and the loan payments are almost completely covered by the savings. 


M. T. Kelsey