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Our Contribution to "Throwback Thursday"

Throwback Thursday (#TBT) is a thing on social media now, and The Insulation Man wanted to get in on the action. Remember when The Insulation Man was chosen as the The Greater Binghamton Chamber Of Commerce's Business of the Week? 

"It's about time we stopped heating the outdoors," said Vice President Dave Currie in this short clip from WITV. 

The exciting thing is that The Insulation Man is poised to grow even more, to bring energy- and money-saving opportunities and quality jobs to even more people throughout the Southern Tier! 

Posted by Program Specialist Solvei Blue

Tips for Handy Types: Stop Drafts from Under a Wooden Door

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Would you like a cheap, simple way to stop the drafts from under your door, even if the floor is uneven? If you are handy and have a router and a few common materials on hand, you can do this at home! This video from Fine Homebuilding explains how.

Obviously, it's great to stop drafts from your door. But it's more difficult to detect and seal drafts that come from the un-insulated or un-sealed portions of your walls, ceilings, floors, and joists. The Insulation Man can help with that part--just contact us for a thorough, no-cost (or low-cost) home energy assessment! 

Light Switches Can Be Big Sources of Leaks

Check out this video from Energy Vanguard--it's only a few seconds long, but it shows how electrical sockets can cause drafts and cold rooms when the wall they are in is not well insulated. In fact, your electrical sockets may be bigger sources of cold air leakage in the winter than your windows could ever hope to be! Call The Insulation Man at 607-775-3035 to find out for sure with a free estimate or home energy audit. 

Video: Exterior Wall Insulation Retrofit

One of the insulation products we install most often is blown-in cellulose. This video from Go Green Star explains how the installation process works. Because we work from an exterior wall, we can retrofit your walls with a minimum of disturbance to your living space. The Insulation Man uses cellulose from Green Seal; it's made out of recycled fiber and paper, and treated with boric acid (a fire redardant). See here for more information on The Insulation Man's products: http://www.insulationman.com/insulation-services

Water Heater Check Up?

Is Allstate Insurance now promoting Home Performance? 

Well, not exactly, but this TV ad nonetheless demonstrates the importance of water heater safety and regularly checking your home's combustion equipment:

Don't let this happen to you. Call The Insulation Man to find out how we can perform a comprehensive Home Assessment. Our project managers always check the hot water heater for temperature & pressure relief valves, as well as performing various tests to make sure carbon monoxide and other dangerous flue gases aren't escaping into your living space. 

Not only could we help lower your utility bills, we could also save your house and your health!